Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 2nd Edition is Now for SALE!

The Pre-sale listing is out for the 2nd Edition of Create.Collect.Trade!

If you are an art collector, coffee table book lover, or ACEO artist, this is the book to get! There are both artist and elementary student ACEO and ATC artworks featured in the collaborative book. There is even a "How To" section on marbling with shaving cream!

This is a wonderful book for teachers, artists, and book lovers alike!

The first edition last spring was a huge hit and received national attention!
I only have 1 copy of the 1st edition left for sale.

Visit the book blog for more information, to learn what ACEO and ATC art is, or to give back to Project ATC!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sneak Peek Pages for the Second Edition

Here are some sneak preview pages from the second edition. They are small, but you can get an idea...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Official Cover for the Fall 2008 Book!

Hello everyone!

I am back on my feet again and in desperate need of updating everyone and everything. Several people know some of the things that have been happening lately, but I am doing much better now. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

I wanted to update you with the cover of the book and some sample pages to follow. For those of you who have been keeping up to date in the forums, the book has been pushed back to the end of December/start of January. We had a few artists go A-wall and was wanting everyone to get a fair shot. 

I have heard so many wonderful things about many of you being featured in shops, galleries, articles and that is SOOOO AWESOME to hear. I would like to update and link those bits of good news (on my to do list), as well as post some photos from the conference and students using the book from the Spring. 

I hope everyone is doing well and that the holiday season is treating you well. It is a busy, but welcomed time of year as things are "settling down" a bit more for me. Please do not hesitate to contact me. The best way is though my e-mail or an Etsy convo (but those can get buried fast since I receive so many a day).

For those Etsians who purchased and AD space, here is the layout of the page!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Fall 2008 Edition is now in the Works...

Hi Everyone!

The book has 21 artists featured in it so far! I am leaving it open until the images and text deadline on Saturday the 11th if any last minute artists want to join!

If no one else joins in on this edition, I will open up the extra pages for artists who have already bought a spot for $5.00 a page. I will just do a PayPal invoice and not go though Etsy. Then you can put up to 6 more images per page. 

Contact me at if you are interested!

I have already begun receiving images and text and working on the layout of the book! Thank you to everyone who has been chatting and bumping up the thread.

A BIG thanks to LolaLynn who got us our first treasury! Check it out HERE!

Lastly, I would love your feedback. I found a new site that lets me put a back ground up on the blog. Is it too hard to read? Thanks so much for your input and support!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now Accepting Artists for the FALL 2008 Edition

Hi Everyone!

The Fall 2008 Edition of "Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students," is in production and accepting ACEO artists at this time to fill 30 available spots. I have a huge waiting list, so spots should go fast.

Here is the listing to reserve your two pages in the book...

*Each book includes an actual student ATC to start or add to your collection of ACEOs and ATCs.

**Profits from the book and ads go to the purchase of student copies of "Create. Collect. Trade." I have been writing many grants to help provide copies, but I can only do so much! 

If you are not sure if this is something you are interested, feel free to check out the first book (currently on back order, but will be available in 2 weeks).

For the $40, each artist will receive 2 FULL PAGES in the book. 4-8 Images from each artist will be placed on the two pages. 

The artist may write a short paragraph about their art, Etsy shop, experiences, or information they would like to share on their page. Artists may also post links to their shops, website, blogs, etc. for further promotion and information. Upon purchasing, the artist understands that information and images should be appropriate for elementary age students eyes.

-Each artist will be recognized on and gain local and national attention through distribution of the book. 

-The book will also be presented in an 2-hour workshop at the AEAI Art Education Conference in November.
-7 Artists will also be selected to appear on the front cover along with 5 students.

*10x8 Standard Landscape size
*Professional binding with a durable, laminated softcover
*High-quality printing on 80# coated, semi-matte paper
*Professional look with bookstore quality


"...what a wonderful way to reach out and give back to the art community and students in our schools and promote yourself at the same time." -ACEO Donor to Project ATC

"I loved hearing about your students and their enjoyment of the making atc's.. what fun you had! It's fabulous to be a part of it..." -L. Lennox

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Signed Copy of the Book Is Available!

Before the end of the school year, I had students sign three copies of the book(one for myself and two additional books).

Before I even had the listing up, Juniper44 had already claimed one, but I have one left!

The signed copy of Create. Collect. Trade. is listed for $40.oo in my Etsy shop. Please remember that all proceeds go directly back to buying books for the students and ACEO education. Thank you for your support and let me know if you have any questions.

Last names of students have been blurred from the listing photos for their privacy.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Artist Trading Card Art Night

Last Wednesday was my school's family art night  for Artist Trading Cards that I put together. I had written a grant (my first one ever) and it was funded by the Prout Family and Robert Hanley, CEO of Home Video Studio.

This fun-filled art night lasted from 5:30-7:30 with a special presentation half-way though the night and a DVD slideshow IMOVIE that I put together of all the students artist trading cards. 22 Different families totaling over 70 people showed up for this event throughout the night. We even had a reporter present (who some how began calling these artist painting trading cards?!) that took photos that made the front page. 

It was so nice to hear from all of the parents and see the younger students making the ATCs (because I do not teach K-2 to make these yet). One family even brought a huge box full of playing cards, old book pages, puff paint, sharpies, and more to go above and beyond in making and trading their cards! 

Many of you are a fan of Garrett, the artist of the "Flip Funnies" as he calls them. He is the student that made the "Wizard" card that is one of my favorites and many of your favorites as well. His mom shared some very kind words with me and told me how they were looking at the blog and book online and saw his art all of the sudden. It came as a huge surprise and she told all of her family about it! She also shared with me that he had begun making a series
 of Presidential Flip Funnies. 

I got to see one he sent to his artist (June, I think you were paired with him). It was of Abe Lincoln and had two pieces. The first one was a 2.5"x3.5" rectangle covering the actual card with an oval in the middle, revealing a small portrait of Abe. I cannot remember what it said, but it was funny. When you lift up the top paper with the oval, it revealed him wearing a dress. I could not believe the creativity and thought put into it. I have been very impressed by his work and several other students who have begun their own series or imitation of the actual artists featured in the book.

That meant so much to me to hear from her and the positive impact this project has on the students. To see something like this at such a young age and be recognized for their talents...

This photo is of an ACEO donated by etsian Jelene. To the right
 of her card is another student's ATC in Jelene's style.  So cool....

Here are some photos taken throughout the night. I have a lot to share, but need to really understand what I can and cannot post before putting them up. I have blurred out faces and had all the parents sign permission slips saying the photos could be used, but want to be extra sure when dealing with students, so pardon the blurs. 

Photos from Artist Trading Card Day in my classroom!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Updates and News!

Hi everyone!

We have a new Flickr group for the book and artists of the book! If you are a featured artists or want to support and follow this project/book, please join!

Things are finally starting to slow down as the school year comes to an end. Only 7 more school days left!!!!

It has been a very busy last few months. In addition to putting together the book, I have also been working for a company in NY and became S.C. Johnson's (A Family Company) Crafting Expert on their Clean Home Journal Site!!! This is HUGE for me! 

Being a first year teacher, I have also gotten sick several times, including catching pink eye twice in the last 4 weeks :(.  Luckily I am feeling much better.

The first batch of books was shipped out last Friday and the rest go out on Monday. If you live in the US, you should be getting your copy in the mail by the end of the week at the latest! Thank you for those who have been patiently waiting through this process.

Many of you have been asking about another edition. The response has been HUGE so far with a waiting list of over 40 new artists who want to participate in the next book. Many of the current artists have asked to be in it again, so you will have first "dibs." It will be awesome to see some new faces as well!

My goal is to put out two this upcoming school year. One book in the fall and one in the spring. Now that I have worked out most of the kinks and learned the process, this should go very smoothly and much quicker. I will be presenting this at the AEAI Art Education Conference in November as well.

This Wednesday is Central's Family Artist Trading Card Night where families will be learning about ACEO/ATC art and be making cards to trade with other families. My 3rd, 4th, and 5th, graders will be helping teach the younger grades since they have never made ATCs before. Families will trade with each other at the end of the night. Students from the book will also be recognized and copies will be passed out for students. 

This night was made possible by a grant though and by the wonderful supporters who donated copies of the books for the students.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art Rocks! And so do you!!

This ATC was created by Cody, who is 8.

Hi everyone! Here are some weekly updates for those who have been reading! I also posted some student ATCs for your viewing pleasure!

I had recently sent in a proposal at to buy supplies for the ATC/ACEO Family Art Night coming up in may (where the book is officially being introduced). It was funded in less than 24 hours!!!!!!! In doing this, I earn points and when I get six, I can put in a special proposal (to buy books for the students

This ATC was created by Abby, who is 11.

A little more than a week ago, I put in the request for the first few copies of the book and hopefully I will physically have them on Monday or Tuesday. 

This ATC was created by Garrett, who is 9 years old. It is called Wizard.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


The book is DONE!!!!!!!!!!

After three long months of hard work and patience, it is finally finished! I ordered a few sample copies to make sure things turn out ok before I order the bulk amount, but for those who ordered, it should be in the mail to you in the next two weeks or so. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project and even bought multiple copies! The book took about a month longer to make than I anticipated due to a few unfortunate events and some late information, but everything looks SOOOO amazing. 

My sad news is that I did not get the grant (first year teachers do not typically get this one, but it was great practice at least for next time). Now, I am looking into a grant that can at least provide a class copy for me to use with classes. I am writing a project proposal to help fund our Family Art Night, where the book will be introduced and students will be able to make ACEOs/ATCs with their families to trade and collect. I am hoping when this proposal is funded, that I can earn enough "points" on their site to make a special request to fund more student copies of the book. It is odd the way that site works because you can only order certain things from certain sites. Baby steps...

I submitted my proposal to present the book and a presentation about ACEO/ATC art at the 2008 AEAI  Art Education Association of Indiana conference, which will be in November. I am excited to present (it will be my first time).

The students are keeping my on my toes about the book and ask me every day about who is in it and when they can see it. Currently, students are preparing letters and ATC art to send to those artists and Etsians who donated cards back in January and February. Be on the look out for those in the next month or so if you were one to donate!

Please let me know if you have any questions, if you are interested in donating to this project, or participating in the next edition! I have included a few student samples at the top of this post for your sneak peak enjoyment!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Treasury...

So the book was featured in another treasury! It is no longer active, but still wanted to share it with everyone.

Also, this week is my Spring Break (starting tomorrow afternoon!) Book is going to the press on Wednesday for 1st run copies! So exciting. 

There are 5 pre-sale copies left, so snatch yours now. If you are ordering 3 or more extra (if you are carrying them in stores, family, passing out, etc. contact me for the base rate of the book!). 
Please continue to promote this project! It is so AMAZING!

P.S. I just put in my proposal for the AEAI Indiana Art Education Conference to present this in November! I should also be hearing if I got my grant for 110 books for all of third grade TOMORROW! Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Over 1000 Views in Less Than a Week!

Congrats and thanks to everyone who has been supportive so far on this project!

The listing for the pre-sale has received over 1000 views, and as I had stated in a thread, I am donating 10 extra books to students since the views hit 1000!

Everyone has worked so hard on this book and bumping threads. Many of you have blogged about it, shared the link with friends, and continue to spread the word (special shout out to Juniper44, who continues to work hard bumping threads). I have sold several copies to artists who are not apart of this book, but wish to learn about ACEO and support the project. One is even going to Ireland!

I will hear back about my grant to provide all of 3rd grade at both of my schools (110 copies= about $2,500) at the end of the month. Please wish me luck. This grant is a big step!

If you get some time, please try and help bump these threads or put the book in a treasury, if you feel that is appropriate.

Donate Books To Students Thread

Pre-Sale Copy Announcement Thread

I am hoping to put a few student sneak peek pages up in the next 24 hours or so! Check back soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Announcing the COVER ARTISTS and the PRE-SALE!

Pre-sale for Create. Collect. Trade. began yesterday (3/15) with copies already sold!

For a limited time, ordering your pre-sale copy gives you a discounted price! All proceeds from Create. Collect. Trade. go towards the purchase of student copies of the book.

There are six student ATCs featured on the cover (grades 3-5)... can you guess which ones those are???


Want your own FREE copy of Create. Collect. Trade.?
This project is so important to the artists and students involved that we want the word to spread. There is already a waiting list for artists to be featured in the next edition.

Here is how to win...
1. Comment on this blog entry. I want to see what you think of this amazing project!

2. Post a link to the listing of the pre-sale book and the Official Book Blog in your own blog.

1 Entry for posting links in your blog.
3 Entries for Blogging about this book/project, image, etc... in your blog.

3. Post that link in the Official Book Blog as well or e-mail me at and let me know. You will also be linked to this blog for more exposure!

 Winner will be announced April 1, 2008 on the Official Book Blog.

Please help spread the word about the book. The students and artists featured are AMAZING and are so excited and proud of themselves. 

Useful Links:

Pay-pal links are at the right-hand column of the home page of this blog!

ACEO Magazine (We were recently featured in their newsletter!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ACEO Magazine has Featured Create. Collect. Trade.!

ACEO Magazine has featured Create. Collect. Trade. in their new edition of Cardaddix, a monthly newsletter that features interviews with worldwide artists, techniques, articles, and more!

I have been talking to the Editor, Kelly, who will also be featuring the book on the site for ACEO Magazine in the near future. This is very exciting because the magazine has a large following and is sent worldwide to ACEO artists. 

To visit their newly revised website or to get your own copy of the newsletter, please visit their website at:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Take a Sneak Peek...

Here are some sneak peak pages in the book thus far. Keep in mind that the format could change. Every page looks a little different based on the number of images sent, quality and size of images, the amount of text, and specific requests by the artists that I did my best to meet. 
The book as a whole is looking great and everyone is doing a fabulous job with their selections and text!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Donate to Purchasing Copies of Create. Collect. Trade. for Student Artists

Since starting this project, several have asked me about donating money or a whole book for student artists to receive a free copy. Thanks to the creative minds of Juniper44 and several others working on this project, this option is now avaliable for those interested.

In the right column, there are two PayPal buttons. 

One is to donate $5.00 towards purchasing copies of Create. Collect. Trade. for student artists.

The other is to donate $23.00, which will provide 1 student a free copy of Create. Collect. Trade.
-If you chose this option, I will be making donor labels for the inside cover of the books. This label will have your name, location, and/or a brief statement, quote, comment to artists (whatever you feel comfortable with). 

This is optional, but if you choose to do this, write what you would like it to say in the "message" area of the PayPal checkout.

I would love your feedback about these options.  

Please feel free to comment back to this post or contact me at

Saturday, February 9, 2008

WE HAVE FILLED ALL THE SPOTS! (and then some...)

Congrats! We have filled all of the artist spaces in the first 2008 Edition of Create. Collect. Trade.!
32 Artists are featured in the book along with elementary art students!
Below is the list of artists participating in the first 2008 edition:

AnnaCox (x2 with 3 pages total!)

I am so happy for everyone to be a part of this book! 

**If you are interested in donating an ACEO or ATC card to Project ATC or would like to be put on a waiting list for the next edition (or to receive an e-mail when the final book is made to purchase), please convo me or contact me at

Thanks everyone!

**Pictured is featured artist jbguess's "New York City Central Park at Midnight" original ACEO art card.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Create. Collect. Trade Update 2/7/08

We have 24 artists signed up for Create. Collect. Trade. I have decided to keep the listings open until we reach 30 artists. Here is the list of the artists participating so far!
AnnaCox (x2 with 3 pages total!)Artofkimberly
Be the next to join us in this wonderful book that helps promote and support both artists and visual arts students. This book makes a great promotional tool for artists, a wonderful keepsake and coffee table book, and a great addition to your portfolio (while helping out for a good cause).
Students will be able to use this book as a resource to create their future ACEOs and ATCs.
Teachers will love this book because it will provide many ideas and ways to incorporate ATC art in the classroom!
To be featured in the book or for more information and specifics, follow this link to the listing.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

UPDATE for Create. Collect. Trade.

There are 12 artists participating in Create. Collect. Trade. thus far!!!! I have seen some of the most amazing art over the last 5 days since posting this listing.

Please check out the Etsy thread at THIS LINK for more information or THE BOOK LISTING LINK to participate!

Check out links to the art and Etsy shops of the artists featured in the book so far by clicking on their names to the right------------->

AnnaCox (x2 with 3 pages total!)

To be featured in the book or for more information and specifics, follow this link to the listing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Space for the 2008 Edition is Now Available!!!

The 2008 edition of  "Create. Collect. Trade. A collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students" is now available for artists to purchase their 2 FULL PAGES and individual copy of. 

"Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students" is an 80 page yearly publication of ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) and ATC (Artist Trading Cards) art created by 25 artists and 25 elementary art students, who use these artists as inspiration. 

This book is perfect for shop and artist promotion, a great coffee table book, and an inspirational guide for visual artists, students, and teachers. 

This handbook is sent out to each of the 25 artists for them to use it as a promotional tool and given to artists, teachers, and art students to refer to for inspiration and interest.

*Artists will receive 2 FULL PAGES to display their 3-16 images of their work 
-I have a variety of layouts and you will have the option of using any number of cards... 
larger images=less works displayed, but larger  and good for cards with lots of detail
smaller images=more works to provide a variety of visual and artistic range

*Artists will receive a copy of the book.
-Additional copies will be available for purchase

*Artists will have freedom with the text they would like to include wether it be promotional, explanation of the cards or inspirations, something about themselves, and  opportunity to put links to their shops, blogs, websites, etc. 

*Artists  will be listed and recognized on the official book blog. Etsy minis will also be posted as well of artists' shops if requested.

*7 Artists will be selected to appear on the cover alongside student work inspired by them!

This book is a way to share and give back to the art community, while at the same time promoting yourself, your art, and adding this experience to your portfolio. 

I will be updating the blog on a daily basis and providing more information about the book. Please convo me on Etsy or send an e-mail to

***Create. Collect. Trade. was inspired by Project ATC, where Flickr and Etsy ACEO and ATC artists have donated their cards to swap with elementary art students in the hopes to make this art form become more well known and provide students with the visual opportunity to view actual artist work. 

****Thank you to TimothyAdamDesigns for help and guidance! Please take time to check out his ETSY shop. His work is AMAZING!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Free Promotional Opportunity for ACEO and ATC Artists...

Hello everyone!
I am creating a book called "Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards for Artists and Students."

I am looking for ACEO and ATC Artists to feature in the book. Since this is the first volume, I am looking for 5-7 artists willing to donate and image or two for a "mock copy" of the cover. In exchange, I will be giving one page of free promotion in the book with site links, text, and images of ACEOs/ATCs for those that give me permission to use the photo for the mock cover. 
This past month, I recently posted this thread about ACEO artists donating a card or two to help teach my 3-5th graders about ATCs. The response so far has been HUGE! I have been so impressed by these artists and the response from the art community that this project has snowballed into a even larger one beyond my imagination. I will be receiving media coverage of this project at my school during the main part of the project in the spring that will include a ATC Family Art Night where students and families will gather together to view artworks of ACEO and ATC artists (you) and create/trade ATCs of their own.
Art within the community and reaching out to students and families is a HUGE opportunity for any artist to be a part of.  I hope that in reading this blog, you become inspired to help out to  either by simply spreading the word of this project, donating an  ATC/ACEO, or become part of the book.
I will be attending a statewide and hopefully national Art Educator COnvention and Conference in the Fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009. My goal is to present this project and book with the eventual goal of turning this into a national contest for visual art students. I cannot tell you what a huge promotional tool this would be for an artist as well!.
Please follow these links for contacting myself and more information!
My e-mail: