Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Space for the 2008 Edition is Now Available!!!

The 2008 edition of  "Create. Collect. Trade. A collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students" is now available for artists to purchase their 2 FULL PAGES and individual copy of. 

"Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students" is an 80 page yearly publication of ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) and ATC (Artist Trading Cards) art created by 25 artists and 25 elementary art students, who use these artists as inspiration. 

This book is perfect for shop and artist promotion, a great coffee table book, and an inspirational guide for visual artists, students, and teachers. 

This handbook is sent out to each of the 25 artists for them to use it as a promotional tool and given to artists, teachers, and art students to refer to for inspiration and interest.

*Artists will receive 2 FULL PAGES to display their 3-16 images of their work 
-I have a variety of layouts and you will have the option of using any number of cards... 
larger images=less works displayed, but larger  and good for cards with lots of detail
smaller images=more works to provide a variety of visual and artistic range

*Artists will receive a copy of the book.
-Additional copies will be available for purchase

*Artists will have freedom with the text they would like to include wether it be promotional, explanation of the cards or inspirations, something about themselves, and  opportunity to put links to their shops, blogs, websites, etc. 

*Artists  will be listed and recognized on the official book blog. Etsy minis will also be posted as well of artists' shops if requested.

*7 Artists will be selected to appear on the cover alongside student work inspired by them!

This book is a way to share and give back to the art community, while at the same time promoting yourself, your art, and adding this experience to your portfolio. 

I will be updating the blog on a daily basis and providing more information about the book. Please convo me on Etsy or send an e-mail to art2theextreme@yahoo.com

***Create. Collect. Trade. was inspired by Project ATC, where Flickr and Etsy ACEO and ATC artists have donated their cards to swap with elementary art students in the hopes to make this art form become more well known and provide students with the visual opportunity to view actual artist work. 

****Thank you to TimothyAdamDesigns for help and guidance! Please take time to check out his ETSY shop. His work is AMAZING!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Free Promotional Opportunity for ACEO and ATC Artists...

Hello everyone!
I am creating a book called "Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards for Artists and Students."

I am looking for ACEO and ATC Artists to feature in the book. Since this is the first volume, I am looking for 5-7 artists willing to donate and image or two for a "mock copy" of the cover. In exchange, I will be giving one page of free promotion in the book with site links, text, and images of ACEOs/ATCs for those that give me permission to use the photo for the mock cover. 
This past month, I recently posted this thread about ACEO artists donating a card or two to help teach my 3-5th graders about ATCs. The response so far has been HUGE! I have been so impressed by these artists and the response from the art community that this project has snowballed into a even larger one beyond my imagination. I will be receiving media coverage of this project at my school during the main part of the project in the spring that will include a ATC Family Art Night where students and families will gather together to view artworks of ACEO and ATC artists (you) and create/trade ATCs of their own.
Art within the community and reaching out to students and families is a HUGE opportunity for any artist to be a part of.  I hope that in reading this blog, you become inspired to help out to  either by simply spreading the word of this project, donating an  ATC/ACEO, or become part of the book.
I will be attending a statewide and hopefully national Art Educator COnvention and Conference in the Fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009. My goal is to present this project and book with the eventual goal of turning this into a national contest for visual art students. I cannot tell you what a huge promotional tool this would be for an artist as well!.
Please follow these links for contacting myself and more information!
My e-mail: art2theextreme@yahoo.com