Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Artist Trading Card Art Night

Last Wednesday was my school's family art night  for Artist Trading Cards that I put together. I had written a grant (my first one ever) and it was funded by the Prout Family and Robert Hanley, CEO of Home Video Studio.

This fun-filled art night lasted from 5:30-7:30 with a special presentation half-way though the night and a DVD slideshow IMOVIE that I put together of all the students artist trading cards. 22 Different families totaling over 70 people showed up for this event throughout the night. We even had a reporter present (who some how began calling these artist painting trading cards?!) that took photos that made the front page. 

It was so nice to hear from all of the parents and see the younger students making the ATCs (because I do not teach K-2 to make these yet). One family even brought a huge box full of playing cards, old book pages, puff paint, sharpies, and more to go above and beyond in making and trading their cards! 

Many of you are a fan of Garrett, the artist of the "Flip Funnies" as he calls them. He is the student that made the "Wizard" card that is one of my favorites and many of your favorites as well. His mom shared some very kind words with me and told me how they were looking at the blog and book online and saw his art all of the sudden. It came as a huge surprise and she told all of her family about it! She also shared with me that he had begun making a series
 of Presidential Flip Funnies. 

I got to see one he sent to his artist (June, I think you were paired with him). It was of Abe Lincoln and had two pieces. The first one was a 2.5"x3.5" rectangle covering the actual card with an oval in the middle, revealing a small portrait of Abe. I cannot remember what it said, but it was funny. When you lift up the top paper with the oval, it revealed him wearing a dress. I could not believe the creativity and thought put into it. I have been very impressed by his work and several other students who have begun their own series or imitation of the actual artists featured in the book.

That meant so much to me to hear from her and the positive impact this project has on the students. To see something like this at such a young age and be recognized for their talents...

This photo is of an ACEO donated by etsian Jelene. To the right
 of her card is another student's ATC in Jelene's style.  So cool....

Here are some photos taken throughout the night. I have a lot to share, but need to really understand what I can and cannot post before putting them up. I have blurred out faces and had all the parents sign permission slips saying the photos could be used, but want to be extra sure when dealing with students, so pardon the blurs. 

Photos from Artist Trading Card Day in my classroom!

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All I can say is WOW! What an awesome thing you have going on. :)