Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art Rocks! And so do you!!

This ATC was created by Cody, who is 8.

Hi everyone! Here are some weekly updates for those who have been reading! I also posted some student ATCs for your viewing pleasure!

I had recently sent in a proposal at to buy supplies for the ATC/ACEO Family Art Night coming up in may (where the book is officially being introduced). It was funded in less than 24 hours!!!!!!! In doing this, I earn points and when I get six, I can put in a special proposal (to buy books for the students

This ATC was created by Abby, who is 11.

A little more than a week ago, I put in the request for the first few copies of the book and hopefully I will physically have them on Monday or Tuesday. 

This ATC was created by Garrett, who is 9 years old. It is called Wizard.


The Nature Nut said...

Great works from the young crowd...maybe the next generation of Etsy shop owners...who knows?

Unknown said...

Holy cow! Abby's 11?!?!?!
These kids have mad talent!!! Keep on encouraging them, and their skills can only blossom!

Art2theextreme said...

Thanks for looking and posting. Will have some new ones up soon!

John Dyhouse said...

what a great project, hope it is a massive success

Danelle (Indie Game Lover) said...

great idea I love the middle one =D

loriotndorr::sloriot said...

i love the "art rocks so do you" cool is that!